Solo Dog Walk in Chiswick

There are many reasons why some dogs might want to walk alone. They could be older and unable to keep up with the young pups, or they may not get along well with other dogs.

Whatever the case maybe, we can organise one-on-one daily walks with your pup or as a one off event.

The main goal of our walks is to not only help your dog with their physical condition but also their mental condition. We want them to feel confident and remain balanced.

What you can expect

one dog walking on a lead
  • We’ll pick up your dog from your home. Unlike other services, we won’t use cars or vans to take your dog out.

  • Our one hour walks are normally the norm, but we can do shorter or longer ones if you need.

  • We make sure no two walks are the same by tailoring your dog’s walk to their needs. They’re going to have a ball and we can guarantee you’ll leave feeling more satisfied than if you’d just given your pup a leisurely stroll!

  • What we provide is quality time outside among a pleasant, stimulating and safe environment.


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Solo Dog Walking Onboarding Process

Step 1

I’ll visit your home in person to introduce myself and have a chat so that we can get a better idea of your needs. We’ll work out an agreement for dog-walking.

Step 2

I’ll create a walking plan for your dog and decide routes to provide fun and safe walks – both of which you have a say in. As usual, all of these decisions will take safety into consideration.

Step 3

We will start our walks by picking up your dog from your home. Our education program is the key to getting your dog to the healthiest version of himself. We’ll help him get used to his environment and change the way he reacts to new places and people.

I firmly believe that all dogs should have the chance to fulfil their primal habit of walking and roaming. We’ll take your pup for a long walk around the neighbourhood to give him his daily venture. Games and exercises like ‘Find it’ will keep him occupied so he isn’t distracted by other things, like cyclists, cars, people or other dogs.

Step 4

We’ll return your dog safe and sound to your home. Tired and relaxed dogs are usually happy to go back home after their walk .Your dog will have had his daily exercise and will be tired and relaxed. You won’t have to take him out again so you can enjoy the evening with your dog. 

Pricing Plans

Our Solo Dog Walks service is perfect for your dog if you’re not around a lot. Your pet will get the attention it needs and you’ll know that your furry friend is having a great time!

Prices start at £ 25/hr


I would recommend if you want to do more for your dog, that you see a dog trainer who focuses on positive reinforcement. I am more than happy to work with any plan in place as long as it helps your pup out and makes them feel safe.

In an emergency we’ll contact you straight away to work out the next course of action. If we can’t reach you and your dog is critically injured, we’ll take them to your vet or nearest animal hospital immediately.

Yes, we offer daytime, evening and weekend walks. The walk rates might differ depending on the time and days you wish for your dog to be taken out. 

No, you don’t have to. no. We send invoices at the end of the month. You can pay via credit or debit card,  bank transfers and direct debits.