Group Dog Walk in Chiswick

We want your dog to enjoy their walks as much as possible. That’s why we design our walks with those objectives in mind: to provide them  with a great exercise and socialisation experience where good ‘dog manners’ are actively encouraged. 

Your pup will get a chance to socialize and play with other dogs in a carefully selected group.  Our walker will walk your fury friend in 65 acres of green space, beautiful gardens and woodland areas in the heart of Chiswick. 

What you can expect

group dog walk
  •  Lots of exercise and good social interaction with other dogs.

  • Small group walk of up to 4 like minded dogs.

  • All dog walkers are certified and have received training to provide support in case of an emergency situation.

  • What we provide is quality time outside among a pleasant, stimulating and safe environment.

  • We’ll make sure your dog is happy and ready to enjoy another fun day with us tomorrow!

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Group Dog Walking Onboarding Process

Step 1

Initial meet and greet with you to assess if our service is right for your dog and if your dog is suitable to join one of our small groups. 

Step 2

Once we’ve agreed you’re dog can join one of our gangs  we’ll need  to check he is fully vaccinated and tagged for identification at all times. This includes kennel cough vaccinations, an identifiable collar and a microchip system.

Step 3

When it’s time for your dog’s first day we’ll pick him up  from your home and take him on a long walk around the neighbourhood. 

Step 4

After the first day we’ll establish If there is imbalance within the group of dogs we matched him with. If there is, changes will be made accordingly and you will be informed.  

Pricing Plans

Our group dog Walking service is perfect for your dog if you’re not around a lot. Your pet will get the attention it needs and socialise with other dogs so you can feel relaxed. 

Prices start at £16/hr


We take every dog’s individual qualities into account, not biased because of what sliver the dog falls into. We make sure to meet before walks, so that we know about any sensitive things each new dog is going through. Any aggressive instances will be investigated and we reserve the right to remove dogs from sitting with us at any time as a result of these events.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service as it’s legally required for you to have a suitable environment in place for your pet before you can leave them at home.

Yes, we offer day, evening and weekend group dog walks. The walk rates might differ depending on when you want your dog to be taken out.

If you have a dog that isn’t very experienced at recall, then yes we will need to keep them on the lead. If they are well-behaved and respond to “come” commands than they should be able to walk off lead with you.