The Best Slip-On Dog Walking Shoes of 2023

Funky Dog With Shoes Walking with his Owner

Having high-quality shoes can make a huge difference when you’re out on dog walks. They can protect you through rough and uneven terrain, cushion your feet, and help you avoid injuries.

You should also consider that your dogs are walking on the same surfaces, which entails getting your furry friend a comfortable pair of dog shoes.

For that reason, we curated a list of the best slip-on dog walking shoes for different seasons and landscapes. Whether it’s hot pavements, muddy forests, slippery slopes, or icy plains, we’ve got the perfect shoe recommendation for you!

Should Dogs Wear Shoes When Walking?

Studies show that dog shoes can lessen the impact on your dog’s paws during walking. They protect your pup’s feet in cold weather and hot weather.

A slip-on shoe can prevent orthopedic issues related to regular dog walking. Moreover, dog shoes prevent injuries from jagged rocks and ice.

In short, for the most comfortable walking, you should consider getting your fur babies appropriate shoes!

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Dogs

According to Pet MD, you should pick a lightweight shoe that’s waterproof and durable.

It’s best if the shoes are adjustable so you can ensure a snug fit. For less hassle, choose a slip-on shoe that’s easy to take on and off.

Measuring your pet’s paws the right way is essential for buying the best shoes for dogs. You need the correct size to prevent the shoes from slipping.

To measure your dog’s paws, you can trace your dog’s paw outline on paper. The width of the paw in inches is equivalent to the boot size!

8 of the Best Slip-On Dog Walking Shoes

Here are our top eight best slip-on shoes for dog walking!

1. Slip-On Shoes for Forest Walks

For dogs who live an active lifestyle, hiking boots are a must. Luckily, the Ruffwear Grip Tex is the perfect shoe for the job.

With its non-slip sole, you can go on outdoor walks in rainy weather and uneven terrain. The grippy traction is effective for slippery surfaces.

Ruffwear Grip Trex has a sleek design and comes in many colors. Remember to try these waterproof shoes on your dog’s next hiking or biking trip!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Keep up with your dog’s active lifestyle by getting a pair of hiking boots for yourself.

You can wear the Merrell Hydro Moc hiking shoes on trail walks. It has a waterproof membrane, meaning you can step in streams. What’s more, it can fit those with wide feet!

2. Breathable Shoes for Summer

Blistering weather can make pavements harmful for dogs. Because of this, you may want to look into one of the best dog walking shoes for summer, the Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Boots!

It has a breathable mesh for staying in the heat for long periods. The shoes are also beach-friendly since they have drainage holes at the bottom for wet feet.

With the ideal boots, there’s no need to worry about hot sand!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Have fun with your dogs with breathable and waterproof shoes of your own. Loom Footwear’s waterproof sneakers are perfect for dog walks in the summer!

These shoes are designed by medical professionals to absorb shock. They can minimize injuries and keep you safe from slipping.

3. Waterproof Shoes for Rainy Days

Dog wearing shoes in the Rain

Having the best waterproof dog walking shoes is essential for a rainy day. Explawrer’s waterproof shoes have excellent traction for treading on slick surfaces.

It has a grooved sole, meaning your dog has better control. To add to this, the two bolt straps make it easy to slip these boots on!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Walking in the rain with your dog is fun with the Everlane Rain Boots. These boots are a fashionable way to keep your feet dry.

It features an insole with an extra cushion that makes walking long distances painless. The elastic side panels also allow for hassle-free wearing.

The best part is that these shoes are easy to clean!

4. Affordable Dog Walking Shoes

If you’re looking for an affordable slip-on shoe, the PawZ waterproof boots may be a good option.

These shoes are disposable and come in 12-packs. That means one pack is enough for three dogs!

You can keep them in your bag and use them as rain boots in an emergency.

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Do you have a small budget for walking shoes?

The Sketchers Summits sell for half the price of a typical shoe. Plus, the manufacturer doesn’t cut corners on quality.

These slip-on sneakers get inlaid with memory foam insoles for optimal comfort. They’re even made with a breathable material that’s machine washable!

5. Warm Shoes for Winter

Winter is dangerous for dog walking. Plenty of sharp ice can cut into your pooch’s paws during this season. The ground is slippery, and you might get into an accident.

To protect against these types of terrain, your dog must have suitable snow boots!

The Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks is one of the best shoes for dog walking in winter.

These snow boots provide warmth and better-than-average traction. Its fabric is wind and waterproof so your dog can have a high level of comfort even in the cold.

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

The Glerups Rubber Sole Boots are not your typical shoes for winter. They look like a pair of boots from afar, but upon closer inspection, you realize they’re 100% felt!

We love this stylish shoe because it’s absorbent and great for sweaty feet. The warm material ensures you can take a short winter walk with your dogs without feeling the chill.

6. High-Support Shoes for the Elderly

Cute Terrier Wearing Snow Shoes

Elderly and injured dogs sometimes need more support. In this case, the Helios Traverse comes in handy.

It has a high-ankle design and extendable stitched socks that allow proper circulation. The rubberized grip soles are flexible and built to last!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

OrthoFeet has an amazing everyday shoe for elderly people with foot issues. It’s made from high-quality material and features a sleek design that alleviates pain from arthritis.

These shoes have arch support for those with flat feet and will surely make your dog walk pain-free!

7. All-Weather Leather Booties

Dog Mocs Moccasins are unique because they’re handcrafted from deerskin. The durable leather has a soft cushioning effect your pet will love.

A perk to these shoes is the thinness. Dogs can feel the surface they’re walking on, but still get protection from hot weather, light rain, rocks, and snow!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Hush Puppies’ Heaven Slip-On certainly lives up to its name. The waterproof walking shoes have a cushioned footbed that conforms to your steps.

Pet owners will like these leather shoes because they’re environmentally friendly, flexible, and timeless!

8. Reflective Slip-On Shoes for Night Walks

Sometimes you want to avoid the daytime heat and go on dog walks at night. Buying shoes with reflective straps, like the QUMY dog shoes, can grant you more peace of mind.

The reflective strips mean oncoming traffic can spot your dog in the dark. It adds a layer of safety to walking at night.

Moreover, the waterproof shoes are non-slip and come in a wide variety of colors!

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dog

Aside from your dog, you should buy reflective running shoes for yourself. The Vans Slip-On Reflective Shoes have a fun flame pattern that keeps you safe.

On top of this, you can pair it with the Vans Water and Stain Shield and go out in wet weather!

Our Other Recommended Products

What other products can you use to make your dog walking session easier? Here are a few of our recommendations!

1. Paw Wax

Close-up of a dog paw

Paw wax is an alternative to slip-on dog walking shoes. Mushers’ Secret Dog Paw Wax in particular can protect your dog against hot surfaces.

It does this by creating a barrier on your dog’s paw. The protective layer gets absorbed into the skin and stops pesticides from lawn fertilizers!

2. Dog Blinders

Even dogs can experience anxiety.

Dog blinders are essential for walking jittery canines. They can help calm your pup by lessening visual stimulation.

You can use dog blinders to manage unruly behavior and exercise your pet with ease.

3. Pet Goggles

Pet goggles protect your dog’s eyes from impacts when they’re too excited and running in shrubbery.

They prevent harmful debris from getting into the eyes, and some have UV-blocking abilities, which make them useful during walks!

4. Dog Harnesses

Unlike dog collars, harnesses offer better control for you.

Dog harnesses are ideal for walks because they disperse the pressure throughout the body. It lessens the chance of skin irritations from pulling and improves the overall walking experience.


Walking your dog is an enjoyable bonding activity, and you can make it better with the right shoes.

There are special shoes for any weather, rough terrain, budget, and health condition. You may want to have several types depending on your situation.

Remember, investing in the best slip-on dog walking shoes is a smart idea since they can protect you and your pet from injury!

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